My gorgeous girl,(jet black), from Dean’s Luckyshoes Retrievers Kennel, was a Christmas gift to me in 2007 (she was born Jan.2/08). I would have to say she was pretty much the best gift – ever. Her parents are Jeepers(chocolate)-(Someday Retrievers) and Dean’s black female Saydee. My girl’s name is “Waves of Mercy” but I just call her Mercy. I was so thrilled with how careful Dean appeared to be when selecting homes for his litters. Part of the “adoption” process was to make a trip to Dean’s and have an interview/information session with him. I was impressed with his knowledge of breeding/training and the rapor he has with his dogs – puppies included. My dog was purchased as a companion only and she has turned out to be all I expected and more. She is very intelligent and was very quick to learn a lot of the commands/recall etc. even as a very young puppy.She loves people,loves to play,-especially with children – has excellent manners and would probably stay in the water, swimming, until she could no longer move a muscle – if I let her. On a scale of 1-10, for Dean, his breeding/training program and his dogs….I would have to say they are all a 12!!
Gail Kristianson (proud “momma” of Mercy!)

We acquired our Male lab in October 07 from Lucky Shoes, and have been very pleased with the outcome. Jack of Hearts is proving to be an excellent dog. Even at 5 months he has become very trainable and attentive to commands. We would recommend this breeder to any one interested in Labrador retrievers.

I have a female Chocolate Lab she is 1yr old and is named Jaz. I have worked with her alot since. She was very birdy from the start, fantastic on birds, retrieving 7 species of upland birds and 7 Species of waterfowl under the age of 1 yrs old. 98 wild birds to hand in 2007. She is great with my little 3 year old girl and is mellow around the house. I am very happy with her and have already planned another trip for Pheasants and Hun is Saskatchawan and Montana.
Chris Narver

I brought home an 8 week old yellow labrador retriever girl from a Luckyshoes litter in November 2007. Dean created the girl of our dreams. We did much of our contact via email, due to a 400 mile gap in location, to which he responded to promptly every time with photo updates. Lexi (Luckyshoes Buckin the System) is an absolute joy. Quick learner, devoted, quiet, eager, healthy, strong, smart, focused, quick on her feet, doesn’t spook at anything new, has been retrieving to hand at 75 yards since 12 weeks and she’s a real looker. My trainer wants her, my vet is impressed with my pick. I highly recommend Dean as a breeder, he put together my dream dog.
Angela Forster


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