Q: Are your dogs Pure Bred?

A: Yes. Our dogs are CKC purebred Labrador Retrievers.

Q: How old are your pups when they go to their new homes?

A: At 7 – 8 weeks old they are healthy and strong enough to leave their mother. Plus she has given them many social lessons and corrections.

Q:  When I buy a pup from Luckyshoes Retrievers, what do I get?

A: You get the following when you purchase one of our pups:

  1. 2 year health guarantee on hips/elbows & eyes only
  2. 1st set of shots
  3. Dewormed
  4. Microchipped
  5. Socialized with children
  6. Introduced to basic obedience
  7. Introduced to basic retrieving (if you wish)
  8. FREE pet insurance trial
  9. CKC registration certificate
  10. Future professional training available – HOW TO RAISE A PUPPY RIGHT
  11. Hunting training available upon request

Q: What kind of food do you feed your puppies?

A: Nutram S3 Large Breed Puppy Food!

Q:  What kind and size of crate should I buy?

A: I recommend the adjustable metal crates  for house training. Females – 36″L x 22″W x 24″H  Males 1 size larger. I get mine at TOTAL PET!

Q:  What is the best way to house train a puppy?

A: Download this file to see answer: Kennel Training Document.

Q:  Do you ship your pups?

A: Yes. Air freight is available to most major airports in North America. Check with your local airport for details.

Q:  How much do the pups sell for? How much is the deposit?

A: Black / Yellow / Chocolate sell for $1600 * Deposit = $800                

Q:  Who do I make deposit out to?

A: Please send e-transfers to audet@luckyshoes.ca  –  Please include colour and sex of pup plus your contact info including first and last name, mailing address, postal code, phone# & email address.


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