About Us

Dean grew up with many amazing farming & ranching experiences with German Shepherds, Border Collies and Austrainian Shepherds. He grew up playing with the dogs, working with the dogs and smelling like the dogs. When the kids came along,  it was time for them to grow up with dogs so along came the GREATEST breed with kids and families, the Labrador Retriever. Once the family saw what they could do in a hunting scenerio and how the dogs LOVED it SO much they were all hooked. They have all been very blessed to meet many wonderful people in the Kamloops Gun Dog Club that have such a wealth of knowledge and experience in specifically training the dogs for hunting and competitions. It has become a family passion to train and hunt with the dogs, not to mention the fun times they have running around their 20 acres just outside of Kamloops and the 100’s of square acres of crown land accross the road. All of the 11 dogs and their pups are very well socialized with other dogs on a regular basis. They are also socialized with the 4 Audet children and all of their friends on a regular basis. 

They do not breed quantity but they certainly breed quality!

You are welcome to call and set up a time to stop by and meet the dogs and the family any time you like.


Specializing in top-quality Labrador Retrievers