If interested in getting a Purebred Labrador Retriever puppy please fill out Application 

We will review your application then contact you to collect a deposit and get on our waiting list  for your choice of color and gender of puppy you would like. Litter #1 list is full for Chocolate and Black. We are starting to fill Litter List #2.

 Please email puppy@luckyshoes.ca, or call 778-586-0144 for more info.

We are sold out for Yellow puppies in 2021!

**Not accepting applications for

Yellow puppies until further notice**




***We Have No Control of Timing-It is completely up to the Females and when they go into Heat Cycle*** We Do Not Know Approximate Dates and We Will Not Guess***

All Applicants who placed a deposit will be contacted 7 days after the litter is born to arrange pick up date of puppy.


 We breed high quality North American Field style and English, pure bred, CKC registered Labrador Retrievers. We breed Chocolate, Black and Yellow labs. ALL Dams & Studs have eyes, hips and elbows checked and certified. We are on CKC Reputable breeder list.

The LuckyShoes Retrievers knowledgeable team are dedicated to continually breeding high-quality purebred Labrador Retrievers. As a CKC registered kennel, our Lab puppies go to homes as pets, companions, gun dogs, hunting dogs, service dogs, agility or search and rescue. We breed Quality Labs not Quantity!!

We take medium energy Males and breed with medium energy Females to get high quality medium energy puppies. Best of both worlds cuddle on couch and watch a movie and go hiking all day!

Typically our litters are sold out before they are born.
Dams usually have between 8-10 pups.
The order you pick your puppy is determined of the date deposit was received. First come first served basis.


Colors: Black / Chocolate / Yellow

(Non-Breeding)   $2500 + Taxes=$2800

Deposit (Non-Breeding)

   50%= $1400 Non-Refundable  

         Black / Chocolate / Yellow

(Breeding Rights) $3200 + Taxes=$3584

    Fox Red  will announce when we are starting breeding program

        Fox Red (Non-Breeding) $3500+ Taxes=$3920

       Fox Red (Breeding rights)  $3500 + $3500

Click Link below  to watch video of our Breeder Dean Audet talks about Lucky Shoes Retrievers and the training The Great Canadian Dog Academy provides.




BLACK LAB:  North American Field Style

“Expected Sometime in 2021”


CHOCOLATE LAB: North American Field Style 

 “Expected Sometime in 2021”



YELLOW LAB: English 

 “Expected Sometime in 2021”


Not Accepting anymore deposits for Yellow Labs we are sold out for 2021!!





We now have financing available!

Click the picture above to apply today!

When you buy a purebred lab puppy from LuckyShoes Retrievers not only are you adding a member to your family, you will receive the following:

  1. 2 year Health guarantee on Hips/Elbows & Eyes only
  2. 1st Set of Shots
  3. Dewormed
  4. Microchipped (PETIDCO)
  5. Free Bag of NUTRAM S2 Sound Balanced Wellness Puppy Food 11.4kg (25lb)
  6. FREE pet insurance 6 week trial (PETSECURE)
  7. Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Registration Certificate
  8. Introduced to Basic Obedience
  9. Introduced to Basic Retrieving (if you wish)
  10. Socialized with Children, Adults & other Animals
  11. Future professional training available HOW TO RAISE A PUPPY RIGHT / HUNTING TRAINING





Specializing in top-quality Labrador Retrievers