Hello!!  🐾 🐾 Welcome to Lucky Shoes Retrievers. We are located at 6089 Buckhorn Road Kamloops, BC. Located 15 minutes West of Kamloops City Centre in Cherry Creek.  Cherry Creek is the area near the intersection of the Coquihalla Highway and the #1 Highway & reaches as far as Savona and Tobiano. Our Dogs enjoy our 20 Acre Ranch.

 Click Here for Map & Directions     https://www.buckhorndogranch.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/BuckhornDogRanch-MAP.pdf


                         Our Breeder Dean Audet doesn’t only Breed Labrador Retrievers he also owns The Great Canadian Dog Academy. Dean grew up with many farming & ranching experiences and a love of dogs & horses. He learned about animals from many old cowboy heroes in his life. His fascination with dogs always had him playing with dogs,working with dogs and smelling like dogs. He very carefully watched how they functioned, how they were interdependent and how they communicated. He has been very fortunate on several occasions to observe wolves. It was during this time that the lights finally came on and the parallels were drawn. 

He has worked with many reputable trainers over the years that he has collected great knowledge and experience from. He later took university sociology and psychology classes which were also fascinating.  He has tried many things but his life has gone to the dogs! Through his natural desire to help people and his passionate study of dogs, he now applies his own unique brand of  “COWBOY LOGIC” and dog psychology to assist people with their dog’s behaviour issues. He has assisted 1000’s of families to solve their dog’s behaviour issues and lead a more happy, stress free, balanced life.

The system that he teaches has been passed down from generation to generation and has been taught for many years prior to any dog training school in the country being in existence. If you are looking for fancy letters behind a person’s name, Dean’s name is synonymous with R-E-S-U-L-T-S. He was born in 1963 and has been working with animals for many, many years. Over 4800 dogs rehabilitated and thousands have been saved from being put downLearn more about Dog Behavioural issues. Book your Phone assessment or Seminar at  http://www.dogacademy.ca. 


Click Link below  to watch video of our Breeder Dean Audet talks about Lucky Shoes Retrievers and the training The Great Canadian Dog Academy provides.



We breed high quality North American Field Labs Colours (Chocolate, Black)  and English Labs  Colour (Yellow only)  purebred, CKC registered Labrador Retrievers. We are listed on CKC as a Reputable Breeder.

Colours of our Labs that we sell is Chocolate, Black and Yellow. ALL Dams & Studs have Eyes, Hips and Elbows checked and certified with  (OFA) Orthopedic Foundation For Animals.                                           

We take medium energy Studs and breed medium energy Dams to get high quality medium energy puppies. Our Lab puppies go to homes as pets, companions, gun dogs, hunting dogs, agility or search and rescue. Best of both worlds cuddle on couch and watch a movie and go hiking all day!  We breed Quality Labs not Quantity!!   Typically our litters are sold out before they are born.  Dams usually have between 8-10 pups.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

***We Have No Control of Timing of when  puppies will be born It is completely up to the Females and when they go into Heat Cycle ***

*** We Do Not Know Approximate Dates and We Will Not Guess***


If interested in getting a Purebred Labrador Retriever puppy Click on “Fill Puppy Application Form below” once we receive your application we will review it, then contact you to collect a deposit and get you onto our waiting list. Deposits are Non-refundable and apply to purchase price.

Deposits are only E-transferred to dean@dogacademy.ca

Date of  E-transferred deposits received reflects the order of pick in the litter, so it is important to get your deposit in early to avoid disappointment. Deposits will be moved to the next litter if when the puppies are born and the colour and gender you requested is not available. All applicants who placed a deposit will be contacted 7 days after the litter is born to arrange pick up date of puppy (puppies are released to their new owners when they are 8 weeks old).   

Balance of puppy is due 48 hours prior to puppy pick up and  only E-transferred to dean@dogacademy.ca

**Please Note as the breeder we reserve the right to the First Pick male and First pick Female from any litter**


Colours: Black / Chocolate / Yellow

(Non-Breeding)   $2500 + G.ST & P.S.T = $2800

Deposit (Non-Breeding) Non-Refundable  $1250 + G.S.T & P.S.T= $1400

(Breeding Rights)   $3200 + G.ST & P.S.T = $3584

Deposit (Breeding Rights)  Non-Refundable $1600 + G.S.T & P.S.T= $1792 

Sometime in 2022 we will start Breeding  Fox Red Labs Stay tuned when we announce!!


All LuckyShoes puppies come with:

2 Year Health guarantee (Hips, Eyes and Elbows only)

Canadian Kennel Club Registration papers

1st set of shots



Free 6 week pet insurance trial

  Free bag of Nutram S2 puppy food

 socialization  with other dogs, cats, adults and children.

We are here for you, offering our support to provide you with our care and attention to assist you in raising a well balanced puppy which will become a well balanced adult dog.       


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